Patients Know Best

Accessibile for improved patient experiences

Publisure has integrated with the Patients Know Best portal to streamline the way your patients access their health records and appointments securely, whilst utilising a variety of digital channels for cost effective results.

We have developed our software to integrate via API cloud which allows your team to easily create and send documents with Publisure integration, and keep an auditable trail of each individual document, showing real-time updates within your PKB portal, reducing the risk of lost letters, and missed appointments.

Multichannel document solution

Our partnership offers shared values for accessibility and patient experiences. We have worked together to build a workflow that ensures customers receive the right information which can be accessed at any time, from any device, from their chosen method of communication whether SMS, email, or postal letter.

We are adaptive and able to grow with your post room requirements. Our solution makes it easy to register patients individually and in bulk, with registration sent automatically to your portal. There is no need for patients to attend GP surgeries to sign up. They can complete this from the comfort of their own home, at any time they wish.

Patients Know Best Partnership

As an established and leading portal supplier within the NHS and the healthcare industry, PKB has much experience of effective digital solutions which offer security, accessibility and encourage patient engagement with an intuitive platform.