Kodak Alaris

Publisure has partnered with Kodak Alaris to provide a streamlined digital journey for your documents. As an innovative software for inbound solutions, we are working closely with Kodak Alaris to provide an integrated service which offers an automated workflow between both inbound and outbound communications, turning them into conversations.


Our integration with Kodak Alaris makes it easier to digitize and send documents through digital and physical communications, whilst using the most cost-effective channels. Through every step of your digital journey, we offer audibility for outbound and inbound response letters, so you can maintain control over your engagement and identify sent letters quickly. Our partnership provides you with a ‘virtual post box’ that holds all document information and keeping everything in one place.

Publisure partners with Kodak Alaris

Maidstone, UK, October 2022 – Publisure has partnered with Kodak Alaris to develop a seamless workflow solution by integrating the intelligent data capture solutions from Kodak Alaris and the middleware multi-channel communications platform from Publisure. The partnership empowers organisations to efficiently transform their communications from printed posts to digital delivery through a centralised, integrated platform.


Publisure delivers a ‘best of breed’ hybrid mail and digital delivery platform that future-proofs organisations’ outbound communications. Throug innovative smart information capture technology, Kodak Alaris eliminates inefficient processes and automates organization workflows with it’s software, which captures and indexes critical document data to improve organization operations.


By integrating scanners and software from Kodak Alaris, customers benefit from a complete solution for inbound and outbound content management. With both companies’ solutions, organisations can centralise all communications in a single environment and create a secure, auditable, and cost-effective workflow that will transform how they process mail.


The simple integration introduces the Kodak Information Input Management QR barcode which is attached to Publisure outbound documents and holds metadata that identifies recipient information. The document is scanned and indexed through Kodak Alaris software to improve the ‘conversation’ between the organization and the recipient. The partnership between Kodak Alaris and Publisure introduces a fully integrated, automated platform which offers improved productivity, enhances data management and creates an auditable, secure and cost-effective workflow for a simple transformation towards an effective digital communication strategy.


“We are delighted to be working with Kodak Alaris – By combining our respective technologies we are now in the unique position of being able to manage the digital transformation of both inbound and outbound communications within a single auditable workflow and intuitive user interface.” – Andrew Percival, Managing Director, Publisure


“The combination of software and scanners from Kodak Alaris with the combined Publisure platform will help customers to transform how they process physical and digital documents, reduce costs, achieve higher levels of efficiency, control and value in their mailing operations,” said Graham Etherington Northern Cluster Solutions Sales Director, Kodak Alaris.

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