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How to improve your business with automated document software

Organisations can efficiently create, manage, and exchange multiple time-sensitive documents across numerous departments using automated document software.


Your team can save time, reduce material costs and eliminate the need for manual printing and enveloping, freeing up time to spend on more valuable tasks.

How does automating documents help you?

Automating documents is essential if your outbound and inbound communications are to work seamlessly together in one workflow.


Digitising your document management practices will ensure your organisation remains compliant with security regulations and frameworks.


Through automation, repetitive tasks are completed quickly and accurately and your employees can focus on high-value projects and provide better customer experiences.


Depending on your objectives, automated document systems can be implemented in stages. Your business can capture precise information, guaranteeing that data is processed correctly, and optimising your operations.

Why should you look into automating your documents?

Improved efficiency

Using automated document software enhances organisational workflows and boosts business performance.


Automated services are designed to help businesses streamline their document management workflow by facilitating the creation, sending, and receiving of documents. Through scheduling, companies can easily automate follow-up documents, saving time and reducing the cost of repetitive tasks.


Data management

Storing, creating and managing large volumes of documents can be difficult if you’re using manual practices. You must ensure the security and integrity of the data.


With advanced data capture technology, your inbound documents are scanned, data is extracted, checked, and assigned to the correct recipient securely.


Better customer experience

Document management platforms are equipped with quick-search functions, and with recipients’ up-to-date information easily moved from their written inbound documents into your software, you can build better relationships between your organisation and customers and deliver a consistent and professional support team.


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Bring value to your outbound and inbound document workflow

Having a document management system in place can be transformative for your business. It is important to have a well-thought-out strategy before implementing automation.


Choosing the right document workflow platform determines the functionality and outcome of your workflows, and most importantly, how quickly and easily you can process documents.


When looking at platforms, certain features are necessary for achieving maximum performance and efficiency.


Document generation and templates

With Publisure’s easy-to-use interface, you can create branded document templates in just a few clicks.


Our user-friendly interface requires no technical knowledge, allowing you to effortlessly design and edit letters and inserts. You can save time and costs by generating multiple, personalised documents from one data source, and with our option to utilise various channels such as hybrid mail, digital SMS, portal, or email, distributing correspondence to your entire recipient list is easy.


Automated data extraction

Why work with a fragmented process, where your outbound sent and inbound scanned documents are separate processes?


Our collaboration with Kodak Alaris brings advanced data management capabilities that enable you to capture and index vital document data from your inbound document workflows through the KODAK E2050 Scanner. This information is seamlessly integrated into centralised software, ensuring easy accessibility, accuracy, and security for your team.



Our platform offers seamless automation of the document management process by integrating every aspect. Your team can efficiently create documents and set up notifications through a middleware process that enables both physical and digital communication channels to keep costs low.


By offering flexible communication options, you give your customers the freedom to choose how they receive notifications, promoting accessibility. Additionally, utilising cost-effective solutions for sending letters can help you achieve your organisational goals with ease.


Our advanced data capture technologies efficiently index all incoming documents and assign them automatically to your data list. This ensures that your team can focus on crucial tasks without being burdened by data management.



Collaborating on documents is crucial for enhancing productivity and efficiency, as it eliminates disorganised and time-consuming paper trails. With digital documents, authorised users within your organisation or department can update them effortlessly, while keeping track of previous versions, including the creators’ identities and the dates and times they were saved.


Your documents are stored in an easily accessible, single-centralised platform to ensure your draft and sent correspondences are searchable and retrievable when needed.


Your team can access documents alongside enabling user profile and group document access permissions.


Enhanced document security

A document management system needs to ensure it produces and delivers digital documents in an efficient, secure and compliant way to prevent data breaches.


Our focus is on delivering digital transformation using advanced encryption and compression techniques, guaranteeing the security of each document. We use cloud storage that offers advanced security complying with ISO9001, ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus, whether it’s through physical post or our digital framework.


We automatically attach unique identification codes to letters for complete audibility and compliance. Through our automation processes, your customers can access online documents with a secure API connection instantly.


As your organisation grows and changes, our secure API cloud introduces scalability to your existing systems and automatically grows with your database with minimal human intervention. Your team can create as many documents as needed, and send them to a growing recipient list to cost-effectively increase data storage and performance.


Build one automated workflow with all the benefits

Implementing document automation software should be part of your digital transformation strategy. Your organisation will benefit by simplifying processes, decreasing data errors, and improving overall productivity.


Our goal is to help your organisation to work more efficiently and collaboratively. By investing in Publisure’s easy-to-use software, document management will be faster, more cost-effective and more scalable.

Automate workflows and improve efficiencies without sacrificing security