Expand your options with Publisure Modules. Standard functionality can be extended at any point by activating the appropriate module. Choose any combination of secure email, web portal, SMS and approval workflow.

Encrypted email delivery

The Publisure encrypted eMail solution enables instant, secure document delivery while eliminating the cost of physical production and post.

It’s easy to use. Outbound correspondence is submitted in the usual way but with the encrypted eMail option enabled, Publisure will automatically email rather than post a letter to a recipient who has opted in the receive their correspondence digitally.

Publisure hybrid and encrypted eMail technology is used extensively within local government and housing associations.

1. Simple integration

Users can submit documents to Publisure from any application that has the ability to print. Once submitted, Publisure will look for pre-configured references such as a unique customer ID to determine how the document should delivered.

2. Hold or recall a document

The progress of every document submitted to Publisure can be monitored. Each User has access to a personal post box, where the details of a document and its status such as pending, posted, emailed etc can viewed. Most importantly, prior to the post box closing for the day, a User can place any document on hold, or if an error has been made, permanently recall it to prevent it from being posted.

3. Authorise before posting

Publisure can enable a simple workflow for documents requiring a manager’s approval prior to release.

Users choose an authoriser, submit a document to them (with an optional deadline) and Publisure notifies them that they have a document in their post box requiring approval. Authorisers can approve or decline and the originator is notified accordingly. Both the originator and the authoriser will be notified if a deadline for approval has been missed.

4. User registration – ‘opting in’

Publisure offers two methods of registering clients for the service. They can either register themselves on-line or alternatively, you can register them on their behalf. Clients who haven’t registered will continue to receive their correspondence in the normal way.

5. User authentication

Authenticating a recipient works in a similar way to that used by high street banks. Once a client has opted in to join the service, the Publisure system generates a welcoming letter containing a unique PIN code and invites them to complete the authentication process on the designated website. Only after successful authentication will their documents be encrypted and attached for delivery by eMail.

6. Document delivery

After a checking a client has been successfully authenticated, Publisure will automatically extract their documents from your print stream and encrypt them using a combination of AES 256bit encryption and the recipients PIN number. Each encrypted document is then emailed as an attachment to the registered email address. In order to open the encrypted attachment, the recipient must first type in their PIN code when prompted.


Business solutions that make a difference

Publisure allows you to retain control of your own business process. Rather than roll out a proprietary hybrid mail technology (designed to lock you into a single supplier), Publisure enables you to retain control of your outbound communications facilitating channel shift, minimising your delivery costs and enabling your organisation to switch between different Hybrid Mail or postal carriers at the click of a button.



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