Why Publisure?

Publisure is a fully integrated multi-channel communications platform enabling you to transform the way you communicate with your customers

Publisure Hybrid mail is a highly efficient and cost effective alternative to traditional methods of producing and posting correspondence within an organisation. The Publisure system can either be used for centralised, internal production within your existing facilities or alternatively, it can be implemented as a fully outsourced solution. You choose!

Solutions you can trust

Continually developed to handle the evolving needs of modern correspondence, Publisure seamlessly bridges the gap between printed post and digital delivery. Publisure is the solution of choice within local government, NHS and commercial organisations and has a proven track record of delivering real cost savings and productivity gains.

  • Proven to reduce the cost of post by as much as 60%
  • Post to Publisure from any application
  • Users can monitor the status of every submitted document
  • Users can Hold or Recall any submitted document
  • Approval workflow - Request document authorisation prior to release
  • Automated Printed, Encrypted email and Web Portal delivery
  • Full auditability and compliance
  • Royal Mail MailMark approved solution
  • UK based product support and development teams

Simple integration

Any User with an application that can print can enjoy the benefits of the Publisure Hybrid Mail way of working.

Publisure acts like a printer and a User simply ‘posts’ a document by selecting and submitting to the designated Publisure printer.

Physical or digital delivery

In addition to physical post, Publisure offers digital delivery via either its encrypted eMail or Web Portal modules. Digital delivery eliminates the cost of printing and posting entirely.

Auditability and compliance

Every document submitted to Publisure is identified by a Unique ID which is used to create an audit trail starting from the moment the document is submitted. The audit trail records User ID, Date and time of submission, document name, postcode and much more.

Royal Mail MailMark™ approved

Mailmark™ is the next generation of Royal Mail technology, providing Users with a whole new level of mailing intelligence, reporting and visibility. In addition to guaranteeing the lowest tariffs available, we believe it is a game changer when looking at the benefits of tracing correspondence beyond an organisations boundaries.

Using the unique document ID, combined with MailMark data means an item can be tracked from the moment it is submitted to Publisure, entering the Royal Mail sorting office and to the point of going out for delivery.

Personal Post Box – monitor, hold or recall a document

The progress of every document submitted to Publisure can be monitored. Each User has access to a personal post box, where the details of a document and its status such as pending, posted and emailed etc can viewed. Most importantly, prior to the post box closing for the day, a User can place any document on hold, or if an error has been made, permanently recall it to prevent it from being posted.

Authorise before posting

Publisure can enable a simple workflow for documents requiring a manager’s approval prior to release.

Users choose an authoriser, submit a document to them (with an optional deadline) and Publisure notifies the authoriser that they have a document in their post box requiring approval. Authorisers can approve or decline and the originator is notified accordingly. Both the originator and the authoriser will be notified if a deadline for approval has been missed.

Document consolidation (Co-mingling)

Publisure can identify multiple documents destined for the same recipient, even if they are submitted from different sources on different days, and then place them into a single envelope. Local Government Users often employ this function within their Revenues and Benefits applications and have enjoyed further savings of 25% or more.

Success stories


Publisure Hybrid Mail technology enabled outbound Council correspondence, generated by Civica, to be submitted to the Publisure hub by substituting the Windows printer with a Publisure printer. Publisure functionality meant that digital letterheads and inserts, could be added to the primary pack. By centralising all outbound correspondence and removing the task from the departments, the council enjoyed volume based postage discounts and increased productivity.


Introduce efficiencies and savings in print and post

Publisure delivers significant cost savings, efficiencies, auditability and compliance across all your outbound correspondence with significant reductions in the costs of print and post.



Transform the way you communicate
Publisure - an integrated multi-channel document delivery platform

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