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Future proof your organisations communications strategy

Publisure delivers a ‘best of breed’ hybrid mail and digital delivery platform ensuring the print room remains a key enabler for digital transformation, future proofing your organisations outbound communications.

Facing up to the challenge of outsourced solutions

One of the significant challenges facing any print room is the increasing promotion of (supposedly) simple outsourced solutions such as Hybrid Mail thereby enabling your organisation to make efficiencies and additional postal savings.

The truth is that many Hybrid Solutions ‘cherry pick’ an organisations larger transactional volumes and fail to address the smaller fragmented ‘ad hoc’ volumes created at a departmental or workgroup level. This often means that the overall cost to the organisation actually increases as the remaining documents (still produced internally) suffer from a diminishing economy of scale. Publisure empowers the print room by delivering a secure, auditable and cost effective internal Hybrid Mail solution across all your customers outbound communications.

Don’t let Hybrid Mail lock your organisation into long term costs

Unlike external Hybrid Mail providers that lock you into a one dimensional ‘Print and Post’ solution, Publisure enables the print room to deliver an ‘open platform’ for digital transformation making the print room a strategic driver in your organisations digitisation strategy.

Royal Mail – MailMark™

Auditability and Compliance throughout the process of print fulfilment and despatch. Publisure is fully MailMark™ compatible giving you auditability compliance and control over the entire print fulfilment and postal processes.

Success stories


Publisure Hybrid Mail technology enabled outbound Council correspondence, generated by Civica, to be submitted to the Publisure hub by substituting the Windows printer with a Publisure printer. Publisure functionality meant that digital letterheads and inserts, could be added to the primary pack. By centralising all outbound correspondence and removing the task from the departments, the council enjoyed volume based postage discounts and increased productivity.


Business solutions that make a difference

Publisure allows you to retain control of your own business process. Rather than roll out a proprietary hybrid mail technology (designed to lock you into a single supplier), Publisure enables you to retain control of your outbound communications facilitating channel shift, minimising your delivery costs and enabling your organisation to switch between different Hybrid Mail or postal carriers at the click of a button.



Transform the way you communicate
Publisure - an integrated multi-channel document delivery platform

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