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Digitise your payroll applications

Publisure provides a simple integrated SaaS based (secure) email or web delivery platform to automate your payroll solutions.

Publisure can work with structured data or print ready documents. The Publisure payroll solution is designed to digitise your payroll (and other sensitive) communications enabling you to digitise your documents and deliver them electronically via a secure and auditable process.

Publisure offers two approaches:

Secure email

Each Recipient is provided with a unique password which enables them to open password protected PDFs sent via email as attachments.

Web Portal

Unlike secure email where the document is attached as a password protected PDF, Publisure offers a secure Web Portal enabling users to log on and retrieve their documents. In this approach email (or SMS) notifications are used to alert the user to the fact a new document has been published.

Auditability and compliance

The advantage of web delivery over secure email is the ability to notify you that the document has been read.

  • Security – fully tested for known vulnerabilities
  • Service Levels 99.5% availability
  • Dynamically scalable architecture
  • Full disaster recovery – mirrored across multiple datacentres for contingency

Success stories


Publisure Hybrid Mail technology enabled outbound Council correspondence, generated by Civica, to be submitted to the Publisure hub by substituting the Windows printer with a Publisure printer. Publisure functionality meant that digital letterheads and inserts, could be added to the primary pack. By centralising all outbound correspondence and removing the task from the departments, the council enjoyed volume based postage discounts and increased productivity.


Business solutions that make a difference

Publisure allows you to retain control of your own business process. Rather than roll out a proprietary hybrid mail technology (designed to lock you into a single supplier), Publisure enables you to retain control of your outbound communications facilitating channel shift, minimising your delivery costs and enabling your organisation to switch between different Hybrid Mail or postal carriers at the click of a button.



Transform the way you communicate
Publisure - an integrated multi-channel document delivery platform

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