Key Markets

Publisure is a key business driver enabling and empowering the transformation of your business communications

As a market leader in multi-channel communications, the Publisure platform can be easily applied to virtually any marketplace or business sector. These are just a few examples of markets in which we have delivered a simple, effective and proven digital transformation strategy realising significant savings and organisational efficiencies for our customers.

Print Room

Publisure delivers a ‘best of breed’ hybrid mail and digital delivery platform ensuring the print room remains a key enabler for digital transformation, future proofing your organisations outbound communications.

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Combining organisational efficiencies, cost savings, auditability and significant reductions in the rate of ‘Did Not Attends’, Publisure provides an N3 accredited (internal or external) Hybrid Mail platform, Secure email, SMS, Voice and Web portal platform transforming the delivery of your patient communications.

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Local Government

From the smallest district council to the largest unitary authority, Publisure offers a single, integrated Multi Channel solution to manage and transform your outbound communications. Publisure delivers significant cost savings and operational efficiencies whilst leveraging and enhancing your existing (and significant ) investment in existing digital technologies (such as customer facing web portals).

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From simple letters to confidential document packs, Publisure provides secure, auditable and compliant workflows to aid in the creation and delivery of your business critical communications.

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Hybrid Mail

Unlike the majority of ‘one dimensional’ Hybrid Mail Providers who attempt to lock you into their print and post solution, Publisure enables you to take control of your outbound communications using Hybrid Mail as a stepping stone on the journey towards implementing a fully integrated multi-channel communications strategy.

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Publisure provides a simple and cost effective method of transforming parental communication from paper to digital delivery using our secure parent portal solutions.

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Central Government

Drive operational efficiencies, savings, auditability and compliance throughout the origination and delivery of your customer based communications. Publisure is a key enabler for digital transformation and driver for the successful delivery of an integrated multi-channel delivery platform.

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Reduce costs and make big gains in efficiency by using Publisure secure web portal delivery or encrypted eMail solutions to transform your payroll communications from paper to digital.

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Success stories


Publisure Hybrid Mail technology enabled outbound Council correspondence, generated by Civica, to be submitted to the Publisure hub by substituting the Windows printer with a Publisure printer. Publisure functionality meant that digital letterheads and inserts, could be added to the primary pack. By centralising all outbound correspondence and removing the task from the departments, the council enjoyed volume based postage discounts and increased productivity.


Business solutions that make a difference

Publisure allows you to retain control of your own business process. Rather than roll out a proprietary hybrid mail technology (designed to lock you into a single supplier), Publisure enables you to retain control of your outbound communications facilitating channel shift, minimising your delivery costs and enabling your organisation to switch between different Hybrid Mail or postal carriers at the click of a button.



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