Is hybrid mail better than a franking machine?

As an organisation, we strive to provide the best customer experience, but why are many still relying on traditional print, franking machine and posting?

More businesses than ever have put themselves online by creating websites and social media to engage with audiences, yet their document communications are stuck in the past with hand enveloping and posting. We know that in order to get ahead of your competitors, organisations need to move online. Understanding the Hybrid Mail benefits can be the first step for you.

Franking Machine Solution

Franking Machines have been the go-to choice for many print and post solutions; although franking costs are cheaper than traditional post, the price for purchasing the franking equipment alongside any additional consumables may actually be hurting your business;

  • Franking Machine
  • Contract binding
  • Machine Maintenance
  • Envelopes
  • Indicia ink
  • Paper
  • Postal stamps
  • Labour time and costs

Within a large organisation, you may be expecting to send up to 2,000 letters at once, so let’s put this amount into perspective.

MailMark franked letter (up to 100g in weight using a DL or C5 envelope) MailMarked PPI Letter (up to 100g in weight using a DL or C5 envelope)
2nd Class – Royal Mail48p – Based on 1 letter48p – Based on 1-249 letters
+ 2,000 letters48p x 2,000 = £96,00037.1p x 2,000 = £74,200

Unfortunately with franking, the cost is something that must be considered. Although franking machines provide some postal rates, it does not provide you with postal volume discounts. As a local authority organisation, you will be expected to send hundreds of letters and simply by looking at the table above, we can see the discounts that non-franked letters can provide.

Franking Machines are also not the easiest to adjust as it requires manual work to change any settings each time a new mail load is activated, so either too much mail volume or too little mail (high chance of recurring mail when mailing again) is franked, resulting in both employee time loss and extra costs.

Buying or renting a franking machine seems like a good investment initially, but we have seen that they offer little added value at an expensive cost. You may consider outsourcing your mail with different postal providers, but ultimately sending your patient communications from your internal post room via hybrid mail could be the most efficient solution.

What is Hybrid Mail?

Hybrid Mail enables you to easily, quickly and cost-effectively send important customer documents through physical post or online software. Publisure Hybrid Mail allows you to upload letter files or create templates which is sent to your preferred postal service without having to do any of the time-consuming printing and posting work.

Our Hybrid Mail solution will keep all your communications in-house and apply processes and techniques such as consolidation, MailMark™ or compliance to help reduce costs at every point, making your job easier and your document deliveries quicker.

Labour Costs: Hybrid Mail significantly reduces production costs as there is no need to create documents, internally print, envelope and post from all departments.

Postal Costs: Publisure Hybrid Mail solution is partnered with MailMark™ which enables you to make significant postal savings.

Accessible: Our software keeps your document creation online which can be accessed anywhere and is then sent to your preferred postal service at a set time every day.

Time-saving: The franking machine alternative includes automated branded templates that can be re-used by simply scheduling your document for the post, so you can reduce time spent manually enveloping letters – Easily access your documents through our online portal.

Easy to change: Made an error on your scheduled document? You can simply recall and edit the document before posting to ensure your customers receive the correct engaging information!

Online auditability: Our intuitive software allows you to log in to our platform and follow the status of your mail at any time.

Contactless: All mail is processed through our encrypted data centre, then into a remote post room via our cloud technology. Your documents are printed, machine-enclosed, stamped and sent out to be delivered by your in-house or third-party provider.

Hybrid Mail seems like the perfect choice, but there are only a few drawbacks which do still include the additional cost of those documents that you do want to be printed and posted. This includes postal charges if they do increase, and what many hybrid mail providers don’t tell you – They usually provide you with a cheap cost for the first page of your letter typically around 3p, but there are hidden charges up to around 5p if you add any additional pages to your letter.

Our objective is to help you deliver significant and immediate efficiency savings across the organisation, which is why we offer an integrated multi-channel platform which allows you to communicate with your customers through secure email, SMS and Hybrid Mail!

Is Digital Transformation right for you?

With Publisure software, there are no hidden charges. Our platform is designed to help your business with long-term cost improvements and increase employee productivity to help your business become digitised and proactive.

Whilst we do offer a hybrid mail solution, we do not lock you into one postal provider, so you can choose to partner with either your preferred or the most cost-effective service, whilst also enabling you to transform your physical post into various digital channels such as Email, SMS, Web Portal and Apps.

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