How can your organisation benefit from Digital Communications?

As a business, we understand that Digital Communications is one thing, but knowing how your organisation can actually enjoy the benefits the deciding factor to choosing the right software for your growth and overall objectives.

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into areas of your organisation which adds value to your day-to-day operations and brings your organisation up-to-date with customer habits. In 2021, 87% of the UK population own a smartphone, which means instant access to their text messages and emails. This implies that a large number of your clients are constantly online using either WIFI or 4g/5g connections.

We want to help you understand the opportunities and benefits of a digital transformation mailroom with Publisure Software.

Different types of digital communication

There isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to digital communications as different users prefer or require different platforms to receive communications.

Customer communications

Digital communications for customers is used to improve customer engagement and interactivity with your organisation. The communication channels available for customers will also determine their perception of the organisation and whether they have considered accessibility and compliance for their customers.

Digital communications can create positive experiences through the right systems and improve relationships between your organisation and customers.

Secure multi-channel platforms which automates the process of physical and digital output provides your customers the opportunity to decide how they receive their documents. Features such as two-way communications via SMS encourages instant engagement and increased productivity as customers can easily refer to their text messages to view notifications.

Employee Communications

Internal digital communication for employees is highly focused on convenience, collaboration and improving workplace efficiencies and culture.

Providing your employees with a secure, accessible portal which holds their sensitive invoices or HR documents means they can access their information from any location, at any time.

With real-time, transparent solutions, employees can securely log in from any device to view company documents, messages, payslips, timesheets and more.

Cost Effective

Many organisations are spending large amounts of money on print and post methods which is simply unnecessary. Digital advancements has allowed a lot of opportunities for businesses to reduce their annual costs through the integration of more efficient processes and quicker customer communications.

Automated processes can reduce the need for manually printing, enveloping and posting your important documents. A digital solution which is fully integrated to your current print driver provides you with the option to send your correspondence through online communications, including email, SMS and web portal which are much more cost effective.

We understand that in some circumstances, some customers may still require physical post and a hybrid mail solution is necessary to cater for these requests. Unlike other Hybrid Mail services, Publisure doesn’t lock you in to one postal service. We offer you the choice to use your preferred postal service, or you can use ours to ensure you receive the highest postal discounts to save you money where possible.

Improved Customer Experience

Automating digital processes results in employees accessing data faster and engaging with customers more efficiently. A digital mailroom ensures faster response times and improved resources for customer queries.

Scenario 1: A member of public is waiting for a letter which is time sensitive and holds confidential information, however, the letter has not arrived in a number of days when it was expected. They call the organisation to find out where the letter had gone, but the organisation can’t determine where it went missing between the postal room pick up, mail sorting house or transit due to limited tracking available.

Scenario 2: A member of public is waiting for a letter which is time sensitive and holds confidential information. They have received a notification from their chosen communication channel of email or text message to notify them that their urgent letter has been published to the organisations secure web portal. The customer can simply login using their unique ID and can view their document straight away. Your digital mailroom has allowed your customer to securely access their documents quickly, and your employees were not required to investigate.

Digital mail transformation for your communications can reduce customer stress and employees won’t need to spend time searching for documents.

Response control

Publisure software is in place to help your employees enjoy a more efficient, intuitive, and stress-free solution as your letters are created through easy-to-use templates and sent via automation processes. Your customers are in control of responding through these channels, and by using platforms with 24/7 access and can reach them at any time, your customer engagement and response rates will significantly improve.

Offer customers a convenient solutions

Publisure strives to empower your organisation with modern technology that encourages engagement with your customers. By facilitating omnichannel communications through a document management portal, internal workflows will be improved as employees will have advanced monitoring for document updates and tracking.

To improve customer engagement, we offer Publisure Lite as an easy-to-use, accessible document format, which is sent conveniently for your customer to view straight from their device through URL embeds within the message. Your customers won’t need to manually leave their email or SMS message to access their documents to improve their experience with your organisation.

Improve appointment response rates

Offer a one-click solution to quickly access documents.


Increased Efficiency

Companies need to ensure that their systems and processes are designed to enable employees to work smarter and not harder. By maximizing resources for operational and customer long-term growth, a digital strategy will effectively manage all documents across various departments and provide employees with reliable, seamless access to materials so your employees can focus on the important day-to-day tasks and keep your organisation moving forward.

With our digital mailroom system you can improve communication with each each department, organise, monitor and manage your documents whilst allowing document authorisation from senior employees to ensure your information is correct. Reducing the employee’s time creating the letter, printing out the document and eliminating the need for post room staff to physically walk round the building is essential for improving employee productivity.

Enhanced Security

Our objective is to centralise your outbound communications and move you towards a digital transformation solution which provides you the right security by using our API cloud system to protect your company data with encryption.

All of our Software is built and maintained in-house by our development teams, so there is no risk of data sharing to a third-party software. A digital mailroom provides a transparent audit trail for each document lifecycle, and the implementation of our system and automations for your operations results in less downtime, fewer delays, and fewer technological performance issues as our service is developed and launched in-house.

Looking for a Digital Communication Solution?

Moving towards a digital mailroom allows your employees to focus on improving your business operations and providing the best customer service possible, rather than being tied down by unnecessary paper processes.

Publisure Software will minimise your delivery costs and enable your organisation to control how you send documents. The ability to switch between different Hybrid Mail or Postal carriers within 24 hours also ensures you are always receiving the best price possible.

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